There are very few games that have changed our culture and been a part of our history for hundreds of years. One of the few games that have been able to accomplish this is the game of Billiards. Billiards has been played since the early 1600’s and use to be a game meant for royalty. It has faced its own adversities throughout its 400 plus year run as a table game. Woman used to be banned from playing this game and when the cue ball was created woman were forced to continue to use the mace in order to ensure that no clothes to be ripped from their bodies. Over the years it has become more accepting of woman and the different kind of players who enjoy Billiards has grown.

Billiard Table

Billiards first started to become popular in modern culture once pool halls and pool rooms were created. As more of these pool halls opened their doors a new culture dawned upon the United Kingdom and United States of America. Men would gather at these pool halls to smoke their pipes, wager on the games, fight one another, drink liquor and reminisce about the world war II. Eventually various countries got on board with the effects that smoking can cause, the effects that alcohol abuse have and the effects that fights have against the community. This resulted in a large amount of pool halls being shut down in the late 1930’s. None the less the game still continued to reach high level of popularity as the game finally went to a professional level.

At the television became more widely available to the citizens of the UK, USA and Canada, Pool became a professional sport that was televised on national TV. This resulted in people who never even knew about the game finding about something that would soon change their lives. The World Pool Billiards Association saw a massive increase in people who wanted to become professional pool players. It sparked a generation who took to their local bars or pool halls to play the game.

On this website we list off the different variants of pool that are available on a professional level. We also show you how to play these different variants of the game. Any information that you need pertaining towards becoming a professional pool player is here for you at You can experience the different variants of pool that we show you by running down to your local pool hall or finding an online website that offers online pool. Billiards will only continue to become more popular as time progresses onwards, this isn’t a statement but a fact backed up by 400 years of evidence.

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