$399 Model of Xbox One now being offered

Microsoft unveiled today that they will be releasing a $399 Model of the Xbox One comes June 10th. This doesn’t come as a shock to anyone as the Xbox One hasn’t been able to compete with the Playstation 4 due to its $100 price difference. This new Xbox One won’t offer the Kinect which means you won’t be able to have video or voice commands. This doesn’t upset any gamers as the majority don’t like the intrusive abilities that the Xbox One Kinect has, you could appear up at any Xbox One in the world and as long as your registered in the Microsoft system under Kinect it will greet you.

Xbox One

Microsoft revealed this information through a statement on their Xbox One Website, saying: “We are honored to announce that we will be releasing a $399 Model of the Xbox One. This new model will come with the Xbox One, the Controller and the Headset. You won’t be able to receive the Kinect Attachment but we have the left the system open to Kinect if gamers choose to upgrade in the future. We would also like to announce that we are coming up with a patch which will allow for expandable memory to be added to the Xbox One.”

Microsoft announcing that they are allowing for expandable memory on the Xbox One is by far the best announcement they could ever make. New Generation games require a lot of memory space and expandable memory units are needed in order to continue to have multiple games on one console.

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