AGA Chief Appeases Sheldon Adelson

Jim Murren, the Chairman for the American Gaming Association was interviewed recently by the Las Vegas Reviewer. During the interview he noted that his group and himself will tone down how much they have been supporting online gambling being legalized in the United States of America. The reason for this is because Sheldon Adelson is a member of the AGA and Mr. Murren doesn’t want to upset one of their key members by supporting online gambling.

MGM International

Murren is also the CEO of MHM International, he noted that even if he were to own a land based casino he would still support online gambling as it would result in a mass amount of tax revenue being earned for the United States of America as a whole. The AGA will still support the legalization of online poker as Sheldon Adelson has not made any remarks regarding online poker being legalized.

Jim Murren continued the interview saying, “I don’t want to upset Sheldon Adelson, even though I’ve never met him he has done great things for the AGA and he should be respected for what he has done for land based gambling. He should understand the benefits that come from online gambling being legalized but none the less our members and their happiness comes before anything else.”

Jim Murren finally mentions that he has not spoken with Mr. Adelson and they’ve yet to speak about online gambling being legalized in the USA. It’s extremely doubtful that they will ever do so as Sheldon Adelson has said he’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that online gambling is banned in the USA.

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