Team USA Appearing At San Diego

The best billiards players from all around the United States of America will be making their way to San Diego later on this month. During June 22nd and June 26th you will be able to see some of the best billiards players in the world at San Diego as Team USA for Professional Pool is making an appearance at the Mosconi Cup.

Team USA Billiards

There are a lot of people who don’t know what the Mosconi Cup is, the Mosconi Cup stands as one of the largest Billiards tournaments held in the entire world. It is held at the San Diego Convention Center on a yearly basis and brings in professional pool players from Europe, Asia, Canada and America to the state. Each team in the tournament is representing their country, whoever wins the tournament has bragging rights for the next year to come. During the last five years the United States of America has won the tournament as Billiards is extremely popular within the USA.

The Europeans have been progressively becoming more efficient at Billiards which has lead to analysts believing that a European country will win the tournament this year. These countries include France, Spain, England and Russia. Regardless of who wins you can expect some exciting pool games to occur at the Mosconi Cup.

The Mosconi Cup is held every December, Team USA is making an early appearance in order to get fans of Billiards hyped up for the tournament. They do this in hopes that they’ll have a larger audience.

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