Texas Heat Wins Gulf Coast Tour

The Gulf Coast Tour is a Billiards tournament held in Houston, Texas at the Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar. This tournament is held of a yearly basis and brings some of the biggest names in the Billiards professional circuit to the tournament. Austin, Texas is home to one of the best Billiards players in the United States of America. Kim Pierce, more formally known at the Texas Heat made an appearance at the tournament and actually won it without truly giving it her all.

Kim Pierce

Kim Pierce took on fellow regional players Kimmy Nguyen, Nayla Hoak and Sara Bork. She defeated each one of these players and everyone else who stood in her way. The Texas Heat took the tournament as she played against Miss. Nguyen in the final round of the tournament. She ended up beating Nguyen 7-5.

This isn’t the first time that Kim Piece has won the Gulf Coast Tour. She has previously won the tournament three times before this year. Kimmy Nguyen is brand new to the Billiards Scene and stands as one of the best opponents that Kim Pierce has faced during her time as a professional billiards player.

Kim Piece made a statement to reporters saying, “Kimmy Nguyen played a fierce final round in this tournament. She made me have to use every bit of the my skill in order to defeat her and I suspect that next time I play against her I won’t be so lucky. Personally I am happy that I won one of the final tournaments I will appear in, you can expect Miss. Nguyen to be the next Texas Heat with her potential.”

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