Chattanooga Billiards Club In Trouble

A young man who was using the restroom at the Chattanooga Billiards Club was caught off guard when he thought he saw an incredibly expensive pen on the ground. The man took what he thought to be a pen and went to his friend to decipher what this device might just be. The young man’s friend later on realized that this so called pen could be connected to a computer and also had a small lens on it as well. Both of these men then returned back to their residency and plugged the device into their computer. Upon doing so they saw two folders, one saying pictures and the other saying videos.

Chattanooga Billiards Club

The Chattanooga Billiards Club had been filming men and young children using the bathroom, there was enough video and picture evidence to go back two years. Josh Neelands, the twenty seven year old man who found these spy camera and deciphered what was on it noted that he was able to find out that this spy camera also had Bluetooth capabilities. This means that whatever was being filmed was being transferred to another computer, Mr. Neelands also noticed that some of the footage was rather disturbing and that he hoped this footage wasn’t being used for sexual purposes.

Mr. Neelands then took it upon himself to go down to the Chattanooga Police Department, tell them of the evidence he had found and gave them this spy camera device. The Chattanooga Police Department has openly said that they are investigating the case and that as of right now no charges are being made. Mr. Neelands said that he is just waiting for the Chattanooga Billiards Club owners to be placed under arrest.

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