Exhibition Being Held By Billiards World Champion

David Causier, the world champion of Billiards revealed this month that he will be holding a Billiards Exhibition at the Heworth Conservative Club in York. York is a small city located in the United Kingdom, it is roughly two hours away from Liverpool. This exhibition is being held with the hopes that it’ll gain a lot of attention of the media and thus by it’ll allow for more people to learn about the world of Billiards. Mr. Causier noted that entering this exhibition will be completely free and that a free buffet will also be included at this exhibition.

David Causier

David Causier did make a short statement regarding his exhibition saying, “As the world champion of Billiards I feel that it is my duty to provide a service that teaches individuals about the world of Billiards. Everyone knows about “Pool” but no one knows about it on a competition level. Often you find yourself playing against the same people year after year, I want this to change so that every who plays in the league will be able to play against new opponents and once again have fun playing Billiards. I plan to hold more exhibitions throughout the world as well, I won’t limit my teachings to just the United Kingdom.

This isn’t the first time that Mr. Causier has held an exhibition for the world of Billiards. He previously held one last October at the Northern Snooker Centre, that exhibition saw more than twenty thousand individuals attend and it saw new players enter the World Professional Billiards League. It is unknown as to when the next exhibition will be held or where it will be held.

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