Fisher Prepares

A pumped up Kelly Fisher is preparing to return to the World Pool Billiard Association. Kelly Fisher recently underwent Heart Surgery after being out of the Women’s World Professional Billiards Association Tour for two weeks. She still remains at the Intensive Care Unit at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital which borders Glasgow.

Kelly Fisher

On July 22nd she went into the hospital to get a Artrial Septal Defect repaired which is more commonly known as a hole in your heart. The thirty five year old had recently been undergoing an extreme amount of pain which is why she took it upon herself to go to her doctor. Kelly’s doctor then informed her of the defect she had and that’d she’d have to get surgery. That is when Kelly Fisher left the WPBA for a two week period of time. Kelly will remain in the intensive care unit for another two weeks, afterwards she will be returning to the tour to take on her opponents. Kelly is the top second ranked Billiards player in the world.

“I’d been bothered with a palpitation for many years,” Fisher said a week before she went into Surgery, “but was told in 2009 that it was just a heart murmur, and that I had nothing to worry about. I was very lucky that it was found now before it caused any permanent damage to my heart.”

“The doctors and staff were fantastic in my preparation for the operation. I was off the ventilator very quickly. With plenty of rest and physio, recovery should be good. My goal is to be fit and ready for the 9-ball world championships.”

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