Lucky’s Billiards Hall

Lucky’s Billiards Hall in New Orleans recently held a local charity which would benefit families still effected by Hurricane Katrina all of those years ago. Believe it or not the effects of that Hurricane are still great and has caused for a major homeless issue in the state of New Orleans. This Central City Billiards Hall had a $20 buy in for the event which includes two rounds of Pool, two beers or one appetizer. This brought more than one hundred people to the small Bar & Billiards Hall but raised over $20,000 in charity.

billiard balls

Lucky’s has done charities such as this one before in the past but they’ve never seen it reach a level of popularity such as this one. You will be shocked to find out that within the last five years they’ve been able to each $97,850 in money for Charities across New Orleans looking to better a state that was beyond effected and not sustained by their government.

This news story has been spread out across local news channels in the state which in return has made other Bars, Sports Establishments & Billiard Halls to also offer the same event in order to earn more money for the same charity that Lucky’s provides to. This is an incredible story that continues to show that the state of New Orleans is a strong community willing to help one another in whatever way they can.

We will keep you informed on what happens in the future with all of these different Charity Events in New Orleans.

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