Billiards Player

A Billiards Player from the Phillipines named Mario Gamba has passed away after he was shot dead at a Billiards Club in Barangay Lapasan. It happened early in the morning, people said that Mr. Gamba was just a bystander as he watched four men try to get money at of the owner of the club. This resulted in the men getting violent and Mr. Gamba trying to escape the situation which in return caused for his death.


Mr. Gamba was left on the ground, he had two gunshot wounds to the head, one to the neck and one to his chest. The autopsy shows that Mr. Gamba died instantly when he was first shot in the chest. Another horrific aspect of that day is that a two year old girl who was the daughter of another woman at the club had to witness this man be murdered in cold blood. The child was rushed to the hospital and is currently seeing a therapist for whatever issues might linger from that morning.

There is no word as to who these four men are as the owner of the club didn’t know anyone of these individuals. Apparently they appeared at random and were just looking to get a quick payday. Phillipines Officials are looking into this matter and hopefully find the men responsible for committing this horrendous crime. We shall inform you of any updates that are released regarding the murder of Mr. Maria Gamba, may he rest in peace as he was just an innocent individual playing Billiards.

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