Billiards League

The International Billiards League that spans around the globe is making some upcoming changes in the new year. The first change that will be coming is that they’ll be adding a brand new variation of billiards to the league. This new variation will add a brand new sense of competition to the league that is sure to bring excitement to those who enjoy watching the games take place. The second change that’ll be coming is that the IBL is looking to appeal to a younger generation in order to keep the league alive for years to come.

International Billiards League

The International Billiards League will appeal to the younger generation through this new variation of billiards. The new pool game will consist of ten different spokes along the board, these spokes will be used in order to deflect balls from entering the socket. This makes it that much harder for people to defend themselves on the billiards table and land balls into the socket. In return players will also be able to play defence and try to knock the other players ball into the middle of the spokes, making it nearly impossible to get out. The IBL also revealed that this game will be team played with two players to a team, only two teams will play one match.

This will make The International Billiards League much more exciting than what it currently it. We shall inform you of any other changes that are to come in the upcoming new year, 2015 is sure to be an exciting year for billiards players around the globe.

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