Billiards Popularly Declining Around the World

Billiards is a sport that has been able to stand the test of time but it seems that this sport is once again being challenged as a whole. The Star Online, a newspaper website revealed that the Billiard Federation was losing players all around the world.

This isn’t the main issue as local bars no longer have the same amount of people go to their Billiard Tables while their drinking, sporting stores no longer sell Billiard tables what so ever and the lack of interest in the sport from the overall majority is at an all-time high. The reasoning for this is because Billiards proves to be a sport of patience, which can seem boring for most in a world where video games of near realism and mobile devices of super computer abilities are available to the mass majority.

The Star Online

This hasn’t just affected Billiards though as it’s effected every popular sport. Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Football, Tennis, Golf and many others have begun to lose their popularity. Those who do attend these matches or watch them are on their mobile devices on a regular basis. This isn’t surprising as humans have the need to feel connected to one another.

Unfortunately it seems that the future of billiards is unstable as of right now and there are zero indications that this sport will be able to rise to popularity once again in the future. This is a shame due to the fact that this sport has been played by millions throughout the generations

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