Black Hole’s Play Billiards

Space is something that is constantly evolving, at least to the human species. Astronomers who work alongside the Hubble Space Telescope has said that they have now seen black holes play billiards with one another. This is not literal but just a method of explaining it so the mass majority may understand how this works.

black holes

Super massive black holes around the universe shoot of jets of plasma due to the mass amount of gravity of the black hole. The jets of plasma shoot at such a speed that their accelerated at 98% the speed of light. These plasma jets shoot out all around our universe, some even coming close to our solar system within the galaxy. Ninety percent of the time these jets of plasma hit a random object but the other ten percent of the time they are attracted to the mass gravity of another black hole. This means that black holes are playing billiards with one another from one galaxy to another in the universe.

This knowledge has only excelled astronomers to learn more about black holes. These anomalies are by far the most unknown within the universe. Even though black holes are well known to date compared to one hundred years ago. There are still hundreds of thousands of factors about the black hole that aren’t understood. None the less this is one factor that has interested astronomers all around the world & fans of space as well.

We will keep you informed if astronomers are able to figure out as to how black holes are able to do this and connect their gravity from one another.

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