Fenway Park Makes Major Changes

In the recent years Fenway Park, one of the most famous baseball fields located in the world has been undergoing some major changes. Those changes have now been completed and now this baseball field has a nightclub located within it, an upscale billiards emporium and a bowling alley that is twenty five thousand square feet in size.

Fenway Park

This is astonishing to say the least as most people only think of the Boston Red Sox when they think of Fenway Park. None the less it seems that this nightclub is already proving to be profitable, due to be located in the heart of the city prices are high and it’s allowing for major income to be brought into the nightclub. The billiards emporium on the hand is slated to be used to major championships and billiard based events in the near future. Due to the sports rise in popularity within Northern America, Boston being one of the states that have embraced the sport the most within the USA has allowed for it to become a major addition to Fenway Park. Unfortunately as of right now there are no dates or announcements for any Billiard related tournaments, that’ll change shortly though.

The Billiards Emporium will also act as a form of entertainment for those going to the nightclub. Those who have been drinking and wish to play a game of pool with their buddies can do so by walking down the hallway from the nightclub. The combination of these two elements will make for one of the best billiard experiences around the United States

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