Dubai Airport Gets Billiards Room

Though billiards might not be popular within Northern America it is popular in other places around the globe. One of the places it’s most popular is in the Middle East. That’s why a few days ago the Dubai Airport happily announced that they have built two billiard rooms into the airport. One of these rooms will be for regular passengers while the other room will be for first class players.

Dubai Airport

This came as a shock too many people as it’s rare to see an airport in general add a games room, let alone Dubai which is known for being one of the more serious countries in the world. There is already a 9-Ball Championship planned to be played in the first class room in the upcoming weeks. Both rooms will be stocked with a bar, a lounge area and dining options. The first class room will obviously be more advanced, offer finer liquor, a more esteemed lounge area and five star meals. This is because those who are first class in Dubai spend hundreds of thousands for a ticket.

There is already a number of former championship billiard players slated to play in the first class room in order to b ring more attention to the rooms. This will just be one new lounge out of various other themed lounges. It’s unknown if there’ll be a fee in order to use the regular passengers room. There is fee’s for certain lounges within the Dubai Airport while other lounges don’t have an enter fee.

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