ESPN Billiards Tournament Underway

Billiards is not one of the most popular games in the world but its popularity is slowly rising. So much so that ESPN even has their own yearly billiards tournament. The 2015 ESPN Billiard Tournament is currently underway with some of the best pool players in the world attending. Coverage is available to be watched currently on ESPN.


Niels Feijen, Shane Van Beoning, Jeanette Lee and Ewa Laurance are a few of the billiard athlete’s that’ll be attening this year’s event. All of the four athlete’s listed above played on day one. Niels Feijen and Shane Van Beoning fought off against one another while Ewa Laurance and Jeanette Lee fought off against one another. Both matches were said to be thrilling & exciting.

Shane will be moving forward as will Ewa Laurance. There is still six more days of this tournament to be enjoyed with many incredible match up slated towards the end of the week. Apparently the percentage of those viewing this tournament has increased by 12.5% since last year. This shows that even within the United States of America & Canada, this game still has a good opportunity at becoming embedded into the Northern America culture.

None of these players bothered to make any statements to media. They all posed for pictures, signed autographs and talked with fans though. This was good sportsmanship to say the least as after four hours of player & four hours of watching, you’re ready to return back to the hotel. These athlete’s just showed how generous they really are.

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