3D Billiards Game Arrives on Windows Phone

Billiards is a game that unfortunately has lost its popularity amongst the youth, the only time this game is mainly played with the younger generation is when someone is at a bar drunk and bored. Hero Apps Program, a mobile phone application developer hopes to change this with their new mobile application “Sky Cue Club”. This new app is available on Windows 10, Windows Phones & Surface Tablets.

Hero Apps Program

Visually this game looks like no other mobile billiards title on any app store, it resembles a realistic apartment with a huge city as a vista. This game is rich is features, providing entertainment and multiple gaming options for those whom wish to pass the time. As of right now this game provides trick shots, challenges which reward points, a free shot mode and a speed pot mode. These various modes change up the gameplay, one of them giving players a pre-destined amount of time to complete a number of challenges and the other allowing for free roam gameplay of the tablets.

Players will be pleased to know that this game is also free on the app store. There are in store purchases which can unlock new trick shots, different pool cue’s and various other things. Eventually becoming a billiards master is evident. There are slated to be updates as well which add new gameplay modes & measures to provide a more compelling game for players to enjoy. Those wishing to try their hand at this game only need to download it on one of the three windows devices you own.