Billiards Dead in Pubs Across Canada

The game of Billiards has officially been named dead in pubs across Canada by the “Pubs Magazine of Canada”. The game which is iconic in films, television, novels and every form of media is always seen in pubs. Unfortunately, pubs are displayed are a much different thing then they actually are within these forms of media. Now in modern culture, they stand more as a tavern then a cool hangs out spot. As a result of the lack of interest in pubs across Canada, the game slowly died and now is officially dead as a form of entertainment in these bars.

Pubs Magazine of Canada1

Many speculate that the reasoning for this is because young adults no longer need to go to pubs to meet people. There is social media, dating websites, dating applications and so much more which allows for people to interact with one another in seconds. As less & less people in our youth continued to frequent bars less and less this game died slowly but surely. This doesn’t mean that billiards is dead as a whole, the game is currently flourishing like it never has been before in Eurasia. It’s considered to be one of the most elitist sports in the continent due to the immense mathematical knowledge needed in order to have a consistent winning steak in billiards.

Hopefully this game can rise again in popularity one day, if Northern America was to join in on the popularity of Billiards in Eurasia then it’d make for a new global sport & possible global sport league.