3-6-9 Ball Pool

There are over ten different variants of pool that are played on a professional level. Each version of the game offers its own unique traits that separates itself from one another. The majority who do enjoy the game of pool have never heard of these pool variants as nine ball and eight ball pool are the most commonly played versions of the game. 3-6-9 Pool is a pool variant that tests your patience, skill and professionalism as a pool player.

3-6-9 Pool is played with a group of people. This variant of pool resembles nine ball pool in the way it’s played except this variant allows for shooter to be heckled, no touching can occur though. Instead of the eight ball being the money ball the third, sixth and ninth balls are the money balls. When the nine ball is sunk into the pocket your wager is returned to you by nine times its value, if you sink the nine ball first you will also add the third and sixth balls into the value of your win. A unique aspect of this version of pool is that if you pocket the money ball but at the same time scratch the cue ball, you’ll have to pay out a value of that money ball to each one of your opponents.

pool balls

This unique variant of the game has become popular amongst online gamblers. It is used by a variant of online casinos and supports different wagers for players to make. There aren’t many variants of this game that relays so heavily on the audience, the way you shoot the ball and the strategies behind your movements. When your audience starts to heckle you it adds pressure to the game, it results in you occasionally making a bad move or two. This in a sense can create a motion of events that are never ending until the match is completed. You have to be mentally strong in order to play 3-6-9 Ball Pool otherwise you will be met with a horrible fate at the end of the match.

Almost every pool hall or gambling website that supports online pool offers this variant of the game. In order you play online 3-6-9 Ball Pool you will first have to read various reviews on those gambling related websites. You want to be ensured that the experience your about to gain is safe, honorable and respectable. Pool Halls also have begun to offer this variant of pool due to the increasing rate of popular that this pool game has had. Those pool halls will have specific times as to when matches for 3-6-9 Ball Pool will be played, find out the information you need to know and experience one of the best variants of pool ever created.

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