9-Ball Kiss Pool

9 Ball Pool is the most commonly played version of pool in the world. Hundreds of people everyday take to their respective pool tables in order to play the game. Unfortunately a large majority of pool players don’t realize that there are multiple variants of the game that they could play. There’s eight ball pool, one pocket pool, three ball pool and 9-Ball Kiss Pool. Nine Ball Kiss Pool is a wonderful way to take the old game and turn it into something exciting all over again.

9 ball rack

Nine Ball Kiss is played with the normal nine-ball rack used in the regular game. Instead of using the cue ball to make the break shot, 9-Ball Kiss requires you to use the number one ball while the cue ball will be placed at the head of the rack. Usually nine ball pool is played by you having to pocket the number one ball, number two ball and so on until you reach the eight ball. In Nine Ball Kiss you must first knock in the eight ball, make your way towards the seventh ball and so on until you finally reach the cue ball. Once you land the cue ball into a specific pocket you will have won the game, this in return allows for you to have a more strategic and exciting experience at the same time. It’s the reason as to why this variant of pool is quickly becoming popular amongst pool players.

There are various pool halls that offer this version of pool to their customers. You will need to Google your local pool halls and call them before you go to the pool hall. You want to be ensured that they have Nine Ball Pool as one of their variants that they have to offer. There are also a variety of online casinos that boast software created specifically for pool casino games. You can make wagers on the shot your about to make, you winning the game and more. Pool online gambling is quickly becoming more popular amongst online gamblers as it offers a unique experience that hasn’t been redone multiple times by other software developers.

Through these online casinos you can receive promotions such as a welcome bonus. These welcome bonuses reward you with playing money that you can use towards making larger wagers. This in return can result in you winning large amounts of money. Before you sign up with one of these casinos you want to be ensured that they operate in a safe manner, ensure yourself that the casino has multiple security programs running in the background and that they have no issues with payments. If you can find a casino that ensures you of these things, then register an account with them immediately.

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