Best Possible Pool Shot

Beginner players who are giving billiards a first try are probably going to shoot at the orange 5 ball and selecting the best possible shot in pool is not always the easier option. A trade mark of new players, is that they automatically take the easiest shot without considering the effects it might have on the next shot.

Advanced players will select the slightly tougher shot, and if they succeed the game is essentially over. Getting snookered from the 5 ball is much slimmer and normally plays out as expected, but once the two ball is pocketed, either a slow roll or shoot a stop finishes the game by putting the 8 in the corner pocket. Unfortunately this is not how it happens and the novice player is allowed to take his shot at the 5 ball. A usual occurrence is that the player makes the 5 in the corner and makes the 2 in the side. Players is lost on the 8 and uses timeout to get assistance with a shot they feel they could never make. The game is lost when an opponent pockets the remaining 2 balls followed by the easy down shot of the 8 to corner pockets.

pool shot

A session with a qualified and experienced instructor is helpful to players on all levels. Players will soon find one of the 1st fundamentals is to ensure the stance is stable and provides comfortable clear shots. Grip technique is super important and players should keep their grip relaxed. Another tip is to keep both your eyes and cue still while aligning your aim. It is extremely important to not drop your elbow or rush during transition and to stay on the shot, refrain from body or head movement during strokes and never use more speed than needed for a given shot.

Aiming should be practiced with consistency, purposeful and ensure your vision centre is properly aligned, your cue is a very helpful tool to use for visualization. Good technique coms from the HAMB system that stands for Hit a Million Balls. Have a safety plan and always play safe if it increases your winning chances, use 2 way shots when possible if faced with difficult shots, and use the 30 degree rule. Strategy is everything and it is advised to not disturb other balls if necessary, keep the CB away from the cushions to enable much wider range of positons without cue elevations. In 8 ball choose solids wisely and identify your key balls, if you can’t run out play safeties early in the game and when an insurance ball is available go for break out clusters. Beginners will benefit to learn all the different terms and shots first, such as carom and kiss shots, break shots, jump shots, bank and kick shots and mass shots. For example the best jump shot results follow when players aim between the CB and the centre and using a cloth as resting pint. Faster speed gets the bank shot accurate and consistent.

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