Eight Ball Billiards

Eight Ball Billiards or Eight Ball Pool is the most popular version of pool in the world. Everyday thousands of people partake in this game through various tournaments or matches. The game is played in Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, India, Pakistan and Latin America. The game is widely available to the average citizens as you’ll find pool tables located in a variety of bars in your city.

8 ball

Eight Ball Pool originates from a earlier version of the game which was created back in the 1900’s. The 1900’s variant of Eight Ball Pool was called “Kelly Pool” which originated from the United States of America. Eventually Kelly Pool became popular to the point that various states such as Montana had to ban the game. The reason for this is because owners of various bars or clubs started purchasing pool tables for their guests to enjoy. The only problem was that young adults were sneaking into the bar, wagering on the games they were playing and would lose their hard earner money. When various Senators in the USA saw the results of “Kelly Pool” the game was banned with a stiff fine if you were found playing the game.

Eight Ball was created forty years later when gambling was accepted by the United States of America. In 1940, Las Vegas and Reno were boasting with tourists looking to gamble. Eight Ball was legalized and allowed for gamblers to wager on the match they were about to play. Eight Ball isn’t actually played with eight balls, instead it is played with 15 balls that are designed in a triangle formation before the match begins. The ball directly at the top is the final ball you’ll want to knock into one of the pockets, doing so will instantly win you the match.

In order to win this game you must eight get the eight ball directly into the pocket after all the other balls on the table have been cleared. You can also win Eight Ball Pool when your opponent knocks the eight ball into one of the pockets. The same applies when your opponent knocks the eight ball off of the table. You also can win by calling out a foul that your opponent committed such as your opponent pushing the ball instead of hitting it.

Eight Ball Billiards isn’t just some average game you can play in a bar. The game is actually a designated sport that is run by the World Pool Billiard Association. They run regional leagues around the globe by creating tournaments and matches for their athletes to enjoy. You can start learning how to play this game by going to an establishment that offers eight ball pool.

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