How to play 8 ball Pool

The main objective in 8 Ball Pool is for players to pocket the balls their assigned to in order, rather these balls be 1-7 (Solids) or 9-15 (Strips). In order to win the game players must sink the 8-Ball legally.

8 ball rack

The Break

The 1st player who begins the game does so by breaking the rack. The player who breaks the rack is determined randomly amongst all of the players. Future games will have players alternate between one another if they stay at the same table, regardless of who was the winner of the last match. The player who makes the break must hit the rack with the cue ball, doing so starts the game instantly. If the player doesn’t land the cue ball on the rack it is considered to be a foul and the break will be switched over to another players.

Choice of Solids or Stripes

The choice of what kind of balls you will used isn’t determined by the break. It is determined by what kind of ball is first pocketed during the match. If the player happens to pocket both a stripe and solid at the same time that player must choose which kind of balls they want to be in play. If the eight ball is the first ball to be pocketed this doesn’t mean that solids will be the kind of ball used, this will be considered to be a foul and the next player will make their move. The player who pockets hits the eight ball before any other ball will lose the game, thus by allowing for the player to win the match. Once you have been assigned your ball it is considered to be illegal to hit the opponents assigned ball. If this happens a player will lose their turn and the ball will remain pocketed.

Legal Shots

Legal Shots are the shots that you make that allow for you to progress onwards in the game. Any shot you make with your own assigned ball is considered to be legal, once you have pocketed all of your balls you will be able to go for the eight ball. Only then is pocketing the eight ball considered to be a legal shot. It is also considered to be legal when the cue ball hits the rail before the ball.

Illegal Shots

Illegal Shots will result in players losing their turn or losing the match. The first kind of illegal shot is when you pocket the cue ball, this is called a scratch and results in players losing a turn. The second illegal shot you can make in Eight Ball Pool is when you strike your opponents ball, this also results in players losing a turn. If you don’t hit the rail or a legal ball this is also considered to be an illegal shot resulting in your turn ending.

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