How to play 9-Ball Pool

Nine Ball Pool is played with nine balls plus the cue ball, each time that you hit the cue ball you must hit the lowest ball into the pocket. If you don’t its considered to be a foul and the next player will take their turn. This process will repeat until finally someone sinks the lowest ball, this process will repeat until someone sinks in the nine ball. These simple rules have allowed for the game to become widely popular across the globe.

The Break

The player who makes the break will be randomly selected. The break marks the beginning of the game. In order for the break to be legal the player must either strike or pocket the first ball. If the player doesn’t strike or pocket the first ball they also can make the break legal by having four balls move across the table.

9 ball rack


A foul is when a player makes a mistake during the match, the turn is then switched over to their opponent. The balls will remain in the position they stopped in after the foul was called. When you break the cue ball and don’t land on the first ball you will have a foul. When no balls are driven to the rail or no balls are pocketed, this is also considered to be a foul. If you happen to have three fouls during the match you will lose the game.

End of the Game

The match will end once a player legally sinks in the nine ball or when their opponent loses the match due to three fouls. Whoever has won the match will be rewarded with whatever prize is offered.


When a tournament is being played their will normally be a bracket of ten, two players in each bracket. Whoever wins each match will move up to the next level, during the tournament you will find that players are focused directly on the match and not the heckling coming from the audience.

Eventually two matches remain which are considered to be the semi finals. Four players will duke it out against one another in order to land in the final two positions for the final match. The World Pool Billiards Association is the world leading circuit for professional pool players. They reward their winners with thousands of dollars due to sponsorship deals that the WPBA was able to gain. Once the final match is finished the winner is announced and rewarded with their prize amount.

How To Play

Various gaming websites offer online pool but if you’re look for the realistic experience you can always go down to your local pool hall. Nine Ball Pool is the most commonly played version of pool with eight ball bingo falling directly behind it.

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