One Pocket Pool

One Pocket Pool is by far the most strategic and thrilling pool game available in the market. The other variants of pool just require you to pocket all of the balls before you pocket the eighth ball. Once you’ve pocketed the eight ball you have won the match, you gain your rewards and make your way back home. This is essentially one of the easiest games you could ever play but if you want a challenge, something that will make you have the urge to play pool then you should try out One Pocket Pool.

The game requires you to win the game by winning eight to twelve points. You gain points when you put a ball into a middle or corner pocket. While you are about to shoot the ball into the pocket your opponent can try to deflect that ball with one of their own. This makes the game more difficult but it does prove to be a challenge. The first person to shoot will also get to choose which other pockets that the opponents have to shoot, this helps to make the game interesting and more of a challenge to players.

Rudolph Wanderone

Famous American Pool Player “Rudolph Wanderone” was one of the first adopters of this variant of pool. He established that this game is much like chess, that you must think before you make your move. Rudolph was famous for being one of the best one pocket pool players due to his ability to figure out which angles he needed to shoot the ball in order to pocket it without it being deflected. This version of pool has now become popular amongst gamblers as before when you wagered on pool there was no guarantee as to who the winner was going to be. One Pocket Pool has certain players who are better than others due to its design, this allows for gamblers to wager on a player with more confidence behind their bet. Wagering on One Pocket Pool works in the same way that wagering on a horse race does, you do your research and then make an accurate decision based on the information you have learned.

One Pocket Pool has now become so famous in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia that it has appeared in Hollywood Blockbuster Movies, video games, books and more. You can watch “Turn The River” a movie based around a female hustler who enjoys pool. In this pool based movie she focuses on the One Pocket Pool circuit and dominates it, she only does this after she defeated the struggles that faced her to become one of the best pool players in the world. Everyone should go down to their local bar with a pool table and start playing One Pocket Pool.

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