Seven Ball Pool

Seven Ball Pool was first created back in the 1980’s, it was designed to be a contemporary rotation pool game that could be played at a faster rate than Nine or Eight Ball Pool. The game even though it is only 34 years old has become widely popular amongst US pool players. William D. Clayton, the man behind the game designed it so that at any point a referee could restrict one of the pockets on the table. This means that you’d have to focus your efforts towards one specific pocket which could result in you knocking in the seventh ball, thus by losing the game before it ever began. This in return makes this game more exciting and thrilling to play.

When you first start this game you notice that the balls are racked in a hexagonal figure. This allows for a maximum of seven balls to be in play. The cue ball will be placed at the top side of the pool table, one of the break shot is completed the referee or player will choose which of the three pockets have to be in play. The game is also played in rotation, meaning that if you knock in the ball you’re supposed to you don’t get another turn. You’re opponent will then take their turn and so on.

Seven Ball was also originally designed for broadcast television. Nine Ball Pool, Eight Ball Pool and the other variants made available to pool players took a considerably long time to finish. This means that television broadcasters wouldn’t be able to show the program as it’d take too much time out of the viewer’s day. Seven Ball Pool on the other hand allowed for the game to be played in a shorter period of time and due to the rotation balls were pocketed at a faster rate.

Unlike other pool games, you aren’t required to wear any special equipment. Pool Halls cannot force you to wear this equipment with Seven Ball Bingo, it is recommended that you wear a pool glove as sometimes the pool stick will slip and you can damage yourself. When you wear the glove your grip is more firm on your pool stick. This also in return allows for you to have better accuracy while you are aiming your pool stick towards the ball.

As of right now you can watch various pool matches or tournaments through the ESPN Network. The ESPN Network is the largest broadcaster of sports in the world. They have programs that range from NHL matches to various pool tournaments. Regardless if you play or watch Seven Ball Pool, you will be impressed with how much fun this game can actually be.

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