Six-Ball Pool

There are dozens of different pool variants available in the market. Each variant offers their own unique perspective on how the game should be played with new rules, varying ball amounts and different rack designs. Unlike Soccer or any other regular sports, Pool has the ability to be played multiple different ways. You don’t have to specifically focus on one direct version of the game, if you get bored you can switch to another variant of the game. Thus by allowing for your experience to always be exciting.

Nine-Ball Pool is the most popular variant of the game. It has been played for more than one hundred years and has spawned multiple different versions of the game. Six Ball Bingo is one of the variants that came from Nine-Ball Pool.


Six Ball Pool works identically like Nine-Ball Bingo but it is played with fewer balls, this in return helps make the games go by faster. The balls are racked in a three-row triangle, a total of seven balls are in the triangle formation. The game first became popular in the early 20th century and it brought in new players by the hour. The game when it was first invented could only be played in two different matches, the reason for this is because pool halls only allowed for nine and eight ball bingo to be played. This became popular as people who purchased the 10-15 balls got a long playthrough time for their money. Six Ball Bingo continues to remain as the popular pool game that it was back in the early 20th century. People all around the world wager on variant Six-Ball matches or tournaments in hopes that they will win big money.

You can also play these games online by going to an online casino that boasts pool table games. You wager on yourself, if you win you gain a cash reward and if you lose you are left with nothing. You are able to deposit at these casinos through an e-wallet, credit card or debit card. Each transaction you make is protected by various security programs added by software developers and owners of the casino. If you happen to have any issues while you are playing these pool games you will be required to contact the support services offered by the casino. Each operator will work towards bettering the experience your having.

Six-Ball Pool can also be played at your local pool hall or bar. Pool tables are common in a bar as it is a simple game that can be learned in a matter of minutes. You just don’t have to play Six-Ball Pool either, there are multiple other variants of the game that you can choose to play.

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