Team USA

The billiards team for the USA is moving forward with hopes that it will come out front and in a winning position this year. Recently, its team captain commented on how he visited a naval base where U.S seals train in California. He stated that the experience was one that has a large impact on him in so far as it was motivating, inspirational and lifting. It is based on that experience that Mark Wilson, the captain of the team, is hoping to see his team has a similar response. billiards table To achieve this he planned an event that would see the team visiting a similar base in May. It is part training mission and also part charity.

The group of 8 players are preparing for the Mosconi Cup in England, as mentioned in an article at Billiards Digest that is to be held in the early part of December. The tour they are undertaking will include a stop at a Veterans hospital as well as a number of matches meant to challenge the team. It is 100% about motivation, acting professional and applying discipline in their play tactics. It is felt that be attending these events, they the team will find motivation for all of those qualities. While the team of 8 will continue with other training camps before the final 5 players are determined, Wilson stated that he would be evaluating the condition of each person including judging how well the control the ball, their accuracy, statistics, and other relevant information to help in that decision, which will be a tough one.

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