Ten Ball Pool

Ten Ball Pool is a modern variant of the game. It was originally created back in the early 2000’s and since then has become increasingly popular amongst pool players. The game is designed as a rotation variant of pool. This means that if you pocket a ball you won’t be able to continue playing, you will have to wait for your opponents to take their turns and then once again you can make your second turn.

Ten ball

The game is considered to be one of the most difficult variants of the game due to there being ten balls. Every ball scatters when you make the break shot, often balls will knock off against one another and none will be pocketed. Since there is a large amount of balls on the pool table, it becomes harder to pocket those balls are other balls stand in your way of doing so. Even if you were lucky enough to make a break shot and land all ten balls into the six pockets, you wouldn’t win the game as all shots made must be called by the player. The game has become so popular over the last couple of years that the “World Pool Billiard Association” has now added ten ball pool as one of their pool games that they offer on a professional level. Professional players have adapted to this variant of the game and made it their own, you will find that a large amount of professional pool players prefer ten ball pool over any other variant offered.

The first competition ever set for Ten Ball Pool was called “UPA International Ten-Ball Championship” which has now been changed to the “Florida Open Ten-Ball Championship”. It has been over six years now since the first championship was held in Florida and with each passing year it becomes more popular. The amount of people who come to view the Florida Open Ten-Ball Championship increases by nearly ten percent. It has three years since the championship was last held in Florida, there isn’t any information relating to when the next championship will take place. Johnny Archer is one of the few who dominated ten ball pool, he was able to win the championship three years in a row without fail.

As of right now the only championship that takes place on a yearly basis for Ten Ball Pool is the “U.S Open Ten-Ball Championship”. It is held every year at the Grand Riviera Hotel and Casino which is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The World Pool Billiard Association sponsors this event in order to bring players from all around the world over to Las Vegas in order to play in the championship.

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