The History of Billiards

The History of Billiards is rich and long. The game has been played amongst commoners, queens, kings, presidents, ladies, gentlemen, gamblers and hustlers. The game evolved from being a lawn game resembling croquet over to a table game that could be played indoors. During the 15th century France took it upon themselves to make a wooden table that had a green cloth, this cloth would represent grass and a simple border would be placed around the edges. During the 15th century the balls weren’t struck, rather they were shoved with wooden sticks they called maces.

Classic Billiard table

Our earliest information for Billiards dates back to the 1600’s when Shakespeare created Cleopatra and Antony. The game was mainly played by royalty and nobles in the British Empire. The game became popular during the 1800’s when it was considered to be a game of inception, a game that would take you for a journey through life.

Today we use a cue stick to play Billiards. The cue stick was created back in the late 1600’s, originally the mace was hard to use as it had a large head which made it harder to strike the ball. At the time the rules had just been changed to allow for striking instead of shoving. In order to make it easier to play the game the inventor of the cue stick made the end of it extremely small. This allowed for striking the stick to be done in an easier manner and for the longest time only men were allowed to use the cue stick, woman were forced to use the mace as the cue could potentially rip of their clothing.

Tables originally didn’t have walls to stop the balls, instead the walls were flat and had a small pit to let the balls fall into. Eventually players realized that you could bounce the balls off of the metal pits, this in return allowed them to sink the balls into the pockets easily. Thus by the bank shot was created.

During the 1920’s the game of pool became highly popular around the globe. Pools rooms became popping up all around the USA, Canada and Europe. Men mainly gathered at these pool rooms to fight, smoke, bet, loiter and play. Today we have pool halls that don’t cater towards these kind of actions. Instead it is a professional environment that allows for gambling and non gambling matches to be played at the same time. During the last decade professional pool has become widely popular as well, different leagues have branched off allowing for pool players to go professional on the circuit. The game now has coaches or female instructors that teach the game.

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