Three Ball Pool

Three Ball Pool is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of pool ever created. Normally pool is played with fifteen to eight balls which results in the game taking a considerable amount of time before it’s completed. Eight Ball somewhat fixed this issue when Texas created the “Texas Express” rule but unfortunately the game would still take thirty to sixty minutes to complete. Those pool players who wanted a quick experience could never do so until Three Ball Pool was created.

3 ball

Three Ball Pool was originally created as a folk version of the game. There’d be three balls in a triangle formation located directly in the middle of the pool table and the cue ball would be located above those balls. Any amount of players can play Three Ball Pool at the same time but it is recommended that you play with two to three players at most. The reason for this is because the game flies by quickly and if you play with a large amount of players not everyone will get their chance to play.

When the World Pool Billiards Association got wind of this new variant of pool they went down to San Francisco, California in order to add their game into their world wide pool league. Three Ball Pool has now become the most popular tournament game is the WPBA due to its fast nature. The WPBA is able to hold a larger amount of matches in one tournament and have a winner in a shorter period of time due to the design of this version of pool.

Each three ball pool match holds either three to five separate rounds. Each round can last anywhere from two to five minutes, thus by allowing for an average match to only last roughly 25 to 30 minutes. The object for Three Ball Pool is not to get the 8-Ball into the pocket but instead the object it to get all three balls in with as little strokes as possible. If you took eight stokes to land all of the three balls into the pockets and your opponent took six strokes, you’d lose the tournament or match. Normally you will find that professional pool players will take five to three strokes in order to pocket all three balls. On the occasion you will be lucky enough to see one pool player get all three balls in with two stokes. Tournament or match wise the WPBA has never seen a player knock all three balls in with one stroke.

You will have to Google three ball pool in order to find an establishment that offers this variant of pool. Be ready to gamble as well as the majority of those who play this variant do so to win money.

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